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Apr 04
The Comino Valley: between sport and nature

The Val di Comino is a charming valley in the Ciociaria, an Italian province located in the region of Frosinone.

Mar 29
Queen Camilla’s workshops in Castro dei Volsci

If you are passionate about ancient crafts and traditions, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Le Botteghe della Regina Camilla in Castro dei Vol

Oct 29
A vineyard full of experiences

The tradition of hospitality, food and wine and culture of Picinisco and the Val di Comino is preserved and shared at the newly renovated I Ciacca. Before it was sustainable, now it is too. Vineyard I Ciacca Cesidio Di Ciacca’s father, Johnny, was born in I Ciacca. His grandparents, Cesidio and Marietta moved to Scotland […]