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An intriguing tour, to discover a territory with roots that sink into myth and a monument that symbolizes all of Lazio: the Certosa di Trisulti. Pedaling with the push of our e-bikes, we will discover the millennial relationship that binds man to a truly unique natural environment in this enchanted corner of the Ernici Mountains.

The itinerary starts from the characteristic village of Collepardo. Just a few minutes from the town, we will visit the spectacular Pozzo d’Antullo, an enormous karst chasm full of vegetation and legends, unique of its kind in all of Europe. We will then climb towards the Certosa, pedaling through oak woods and occasional herds that still graze in the wild. We will allow ourselves the time to calmly explore the Certosa itself, dwelling on its exquisite works of art rich in symbolism, its atmosphere of clear spirituality and its renowned herbal tradition, all so linked to the uniqueness of the surrounding area. After lunch, we will go to admire the other great naturalistic attraction of the area: the Grotta dei Bambocci (or, simply, Grotta di Collepardo), with its plays of light and limestone formations that stimulate the imagination. We will end the day back in Collepardo. Here, whoever wants to, can taste some of the renowned liqueurs produced by the historic Sarandrea Herbal Shop with local medicinal herbs: the latest example in chronological order, in which the ancient knowledge cultivated in this area still lives on.

What is included
Qualified hiking guide with personal insurance coverage E
-bike and bike helmet rental

What is not included
Lunch and other personal expenses
Accident insurance

What you can add
We’ll take care of your lunch, with a “basket” of typical products selected from the best local producers


L’attenta pianificazione degli itinerari è la chiave per godersi un tour.

Informati preventivamente sulle condizioni atmosferiche e dei percorsi presso i centri informazioni locali. A seconda della stagione e delle condizioni metereologiche il percorso può essere chiuso o interrotto.

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Gruppi, Individuale, Coppie, Famiglie

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Primavera, Estate, Autunno

Lingue disponibili Inglese, Italiano

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Collepardo, FR, IT

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