The best places to observe foliage this autumn

The best places to observe foliage this autumn

While the wind rustles the leaves, the golden autumn sun illuminates nature's most beautiful colours. Our hiking tips will take you to discover the most colourful spectacles of foliage. Red, yellow, orange...

Forca D'Acero

One of the most picturesque and evocative passes in Lazio and Abruzzo lies between the provinces of L’Aquila and Frosinone. In a region where brigands used to conduct frequent raids, this itinerary takes you through woods, wide clearings and surprising geological formations. In the forest of Forca d’Acero, an impressive beech forest all year round but at its most magnificent in autumn, a nature walk takes place in the shades of autumn.

Prato di Campoli

Prato di Campoli is a particularly beautiful place, located north of Veroli, in the heart of the Monti Ernici mountain range. Orange to deep red is a colour that stands out. Mushroom hunting, long and perhaps even romantic walks are one of the most beautiful and captivating places in every season.

Valle di Canneto

The Canneto Valley is part of the Integral Reserve and is located in the National Parks of Abruzzo Lazio and Molise. The historic beech forests that cover the entire valley, renowned for the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Canneto, create an evocative sight in terms of shapes and colours. All you need is a camera and a steady hand to capture it! If you go into the woods, you might hear the roaring of a deer from afar!